What Our Customers Have to Say

“Sandeep lives what he coaches. He has been a guide, an advocate, a friend and an honest critic in my investor journey. A market enthusiast follows his passion of understanding disrupting businesses and applying them to the investment world.”
Dheeraj Malik
FinTech Enthusiast, Investor
“Sandeep has created the financial freedom path course which is very practical and easy to follow for anyone who doesn’t have investing or finance background. People who wants to learn about financial discipline can benefit by subscribing to the Investors Academy.”
Bopche, Fintech, USA
“For an amateur in the world of investing like me, Sandeep’s course platform is a perfect blend of knowledge and experience. I always refer to his videos/advice when in doubt over any kind of financial decision. His learning material has a great under the hood surprise element every single time! I highly recommend Sandeep’s learning course to anyone who is looking for erudite information on investment.”
Sr Revenue Manager, USA
“Sandeep is a brilliant mind. I’m constantly impressed with his deep knowledge of fundamental analysis and his highly disciplined yet creative approach to investing.”
San Francisco USA
“Sandeep has spent a lot of time and effort studying financial markets. His investing strategies are based on extensive research into value investing fundamentals. Sandeep also utilizes his extensive knowledge of behavioral finance research in investing.”
Anish Menon, PhD
“Sandeep Anand Investors Academy has multiple courses in Personal Finance & Investing which are really helpful for students like me to understand the power of compounding early in life. This course is simple and intuitive, and you can choose what course stage you want to learn through the App. Highly recommend for all college students.”
Shreya Suresh
Student, India
“For a millennial woman like me, who have no one-stop sources to learn about how to manage their finances, this academy is really the answer. It covers end to end of personal finance and investing.”
Arpan Kant
Charlotte, USA
“The value that Sandeep’s financial freedom path course provides is priceless. I’m extremely impressed with the material and the course content. It is very well structured and easy to follow. I believe it will help anyone who wants to attain financial freedom and to people who are on the fence about starting in this industry.
I highly recommend this course.”
Madhavadas Pottekkat
Software Engineer, California
“Sandeep is a trustworthy and extremely capable investment coach, his coaching and direction have really help me a lot! I love learning from the Platform that he has created as I can also access the coaching and the stock portfolios materials through his app on my phone.”
Growth Membership Specialist , UK

“Sandeep has helped immensely with his deep stock picking skills and excellent research on companies across the globe including US, China, India, Korea, EU and Brazil.”
Saurabh M,
Entrepreneur, India